Monday, November 1, 2010

Poem, "The Seal"


The sea has lapped at it

Three months now,

Rushing in – then out,


Empty handed.

For IT is yet

Too large to move,

Still, grounded to the sand

& reluctant to be reclaimed.

The eyes are gone,

( early summer

raven meals )

& the skin is

laid back half-way

from the bone beneath.


It is here remaining,

( blubber unconsumed,

partially mummified

by the tide )

still staring out

through fly-covered sockets.

How is it

( I wonder aloud )

that you came here?

And why do you still persist?

You’re time here is done

And the waves

Call you back

To the waiting arms

Of the Mother,

The Baker.

No answer comes,

Only empty holes

With a hint

Of lingering fire.

Only teeth bared

Beyond repair,

Smiling at the Punch-Line

Of a joke that

Sailed over my head...

& is three months gone.

-Paul Humphrey

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