Monday, November 1, 2010

Poem, "Fill In The Blanks"


Paul D. Humphrey

Fill in the Blanks w/ Thoughts.

For Thoughts are all there are.

No Words to use,

no Signs to see,

just the thoughts of

We the Mind.

Simple Vowels or rows of Runes

amount to naught, indeed.

The Deed is fruitless.

The Meaning is lost.

Somewhere within my mind

a Rebellion has gone off.

No rebellion is wrong,

the wrong word to use.

Ah, that’s the gist: WORDS!

They fly like Birds, away

from what I want to Say.

Perhaps I Cannot,

though I Ought.


I cannot Express.

And that is what I mean.

(So it would seem.)

Poem, "All You Wanted "


we all have a dark side.

You just don't want to free it,

but believe it,

you got one too.

All you ask for is the bright side.

The way I see it

you just neglect

to push on through.


I like to play

in the dark

after a trying day.

But remember?

You asked me

to stay.

Infatuation is

a wonderful drug.

But it fades away.

You said you needed me

to read expansive praises,

words and phrases

that framed the part of Me

you loved to see.

Today, as I watched

you walk away

I realized...

All you wanted
was the Poetry.

-Paul David Humphrey

Poem, "How long will it take"

How long will it take

until our smiles are permanent?

Will laugh lines ever

outweigh wrinkled brows?

I want to roll

on the lawn

with my cat

in the Sun...

Be alive,

have fun,

be free,

be ME.

I want the warm light

to fill me up

and have the soft wind

blow in my ear

like a lover...

But my moods

come like the tides,

high and low.

And tears,

like salt spray,

lie mingled

in my eyes.

How long will it take

Until our smiles

are permanent?

-Paul Humphrey

Poem, "Why"


Who cares.

It's a stupid

question after all.

There is no Why.

It was never needed,

save to those

who could not understand.

And those who

could not comprehend

failed to only because

they failed to Try.


and there is no WHY;

only doing and being

and giant sh#t faced smiles

in the midst of pain.

And those who need ask

need not apply.

For they have

already shrunk back

without ever

touching the Walls...

Or breaking through them.

I was meant to expand,

to grow into the land.

And I sink in

like water through sand.

Why is a Barrior,

which simply isn't there.

-Paul Humphrey

Poem, "Rebound"

Pop, pop, pop.

I start to drop,

and my mind lights up

as I fall.

Bang, bam, boom.

Down to my doom

On to the next


Whenever I plummit,

I bounce back quick,

even stronger than before.

No just laying there

like a Splat on the floor.

I am a rebound,

a trajectory traveled

at high speed.

I am the Seed

of my own future.

-Paul Humphrey

Poem, "Embrace"

...So let us embrace

each other, all of Us.

Let our arms intertwine

as beautiful serpents.

For we are not so diferent

as it is often supposed.

We can put more than

our heads together.

And love is not

confined between our legs.

LOVE is not confined at all.

We walk through it every moment,

Breath it in with every breath.

These forms we preen,

fuss over and cover

are less solid than lace.

Not such a barrior

after all.

So let our serpent arms entangle

and the wind blow in

through lace curtains...

The Sun is coming up.

-Paul Humphrey

Poem, "The Seal"


The sea has lapped at it

Three months now,

Rushing in – then out,


Empty handed.

For IT is yet

Too large to move,

Still, grounded to the sand

& reluctant to be reclaimed.

The eyes are gone,

( early summer

raven meals )

& the skin is

laid back half-way

from the bone beneath.


It is here remaining,

( blubber unconsumed,

partially mummified

by the tide )

still staring out

through fly-covered sockets.

How is it

( I wonder aloud )

that you came here?

And why do you still persist?

You’re time here is done

And the waves

Call you back

To the waiting arms

Of the Mother,

The Baker.

No answer comes,

Only empty holes

With a hint

Of lingering fire.

Only teeth bared

Beyond repair,

Smiling at the Punch-Line

Of a joke that

Sailed over my head...

& is three months gone.

-Paul Humphrey